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The main Objective of the HTBF is to ensure that every visually impaired student in India gets college education and does not become a school drop-out due to lack of resources. We, therefore, provide financial support for college bound visually impaired students pursuing graduate course from reputed colleges in integrated education system. To achieve our main Objective, we have developed a sponsorship program. This is done by selection of eligible students and providing them financial support to meet the cost of tuition fees and hostel fees covering their boarding and lodging expenses of hostels managed by Colleges. We also provide annual stipend to day scholars and students residing in private accommodation. Apart from the sponsorship program, we also support these visually impaired students to excel in extra-curricular activities. We consider selectively:

  • Provision of computer centers and equipment
  • Provision of music rooms and instruments
  • Provision of facilities for sports and outdoor activities
  • Infrastructure development for secondary schools / colleges
  • Provision of laptops and recording devices

Any visually impaired student securing admission for a graduate course in a reputed college / university is eligible to apply for our sponsorship.


Process Of Awarding Sponsorship

At present, the HTBF sponsorship amount is fixed as under:

  • Up to Rs. 25,000 or actual expenses whichever is lower, per student per year inclusive of college tuition fees and hostel fees for those who stay in hostels run by the college itself.
  • For students staying in private hostel and day scholars, an annual stipend upto a maximum of Rs.10,000 is awarded by HTBF.
  • Application forms for sponsorships with necessary documents are to be routed through the colleges / volunteers to HTBF office in Chennai. Thereafter, the volunteer/Trustee of HTBF would conduct personal interviews at the respective colleges and send in their recommendations to the office in Chennai. Two Trustees finally accord approval and their decision is final.
  • Normally, HTBF gives sponsorships only for the Under Graduate courses. However, as an incentive for high achieving students, sponsorships are given for post graduate courses as well as professional courses at the discretion of the Trustees. A minimum aggregate of 60% or equivalent CGPA in graduation is required.

If a student is a beneficiary of any other sponsorship or financial assistance from other sources, the sanction of the sponsorship may be withheld or reduced at thediscretion of the trustees.financial assistance for any other purpose related to the enhancement of education of visually impaired students may also be considered on a discretionary basis by the trustees.

  • We provide financial assistance to the visually Impaired students for higher education post-secondary education. We provide Rs.25000/- to students staying in college managed hostel for hostel /mess fees etc. and Rs.10000/- to others per year.
  • We conduct career awareness programmes in association with NGOs like ENABLE INDIA
  • We provide Job oriented skills training and workshops to make them employable in collaboration with other NGOS
  • Provide Learning aids like recording devices, laptops.
  • Our Associate partner HTBF, Hong Kong has built hostels/class rooms in ST. Louis School, Adyar, IAB, Madurai and ST. Amalarakkinni Speciality school for the Blind, Tiruvannamalai District.

How does our organization work?

We invite applications for financial assistance from visually impaired students through

  • The coordinators in the colleges whose students are already availing scholarship from us
  • Announcement in our website.
  • Circulating the scholarship announcement through other NGO’s like All India confederation of blind
  • Active follow up by our volunteers with secondary school /college authorities.

We have a group of Trustees working closely with volunteers based in different cities covering a city and / or nearby areas. Application forms duly filled in and validated by the college authorities are received by our office for processing. After scrutiny of applications and attached documents received from the colleges, our volunteers based in respective canters conduct interviews of students in the presence of college authorities. The guardian’s/parent’s presence is encouraged in the interview. The volunteers record their comments in the interview form, add their recommendations and applications are returned to Chennai office for approval by two of the Trustees. For those who have already availed of scholarship and are continuing the education, no interview is required provided there are no arrears/failed subjects to clear. After approval of scholarship amount, the same is remitted by way a cheque /bank transfer to the college or directly to the student.

As a part of our due diligence for awarding scholarship to v.i. students, we conduct personal interview for every student. During such interviews the student is requested to inform their aspirations and their requirements. most of the students have expressed their interest in banking financial, and insurance sectors. there is no specialized organisation offering any specific training course for skilling the v.i. students in these sectors.


E-MET Program
(Education, Mobility, Employability Training Program)

The objective of this 2-year program is skill training at the college itself in:

• Computer
• English Communication
• Mobility
• Analytical ability
• Interpersonal relationship

Skilling The Visually Impaired College Graduates For Employment In The BFSI Sector

English Language Conversation/ writing skills Better English conversation/presentation of self as well as other subjects 72 (36 days @ 2 hrs. per day)spread over 9 months
Computers Comfortable in using computers including MS Office, Emails and Presentation softwares 36 (18 days @ 2 hrs. per day) spread over 17 months
Employment Skills Hygiene and Presenting self as well as Teamwork and leadership skills and Subject Presentation skills, Debating issues 36 (18 days @ 2 hrs. per day) spread over 17 months
IBPS SUBJECTS To equip VI to tackle IBPS exams and interviews 192 (64 days @ 3 hrs. per day) spread over 8 months

HTBF Provides Skills Improvement Training In The Areas Mentioned Above During The Final Year Of Graduate Course

Our present project is specially aimed at skilling the visually impaired students for banking/insurance jobs. We are confident that given the tailor made programme and effective training inputs most of the trained students would be able to procure the job given the fact that the vacancy in Banking sector is 4000. However, HTBF is also well connected with NGOs like Youth 4 for jobs, Samarthanam and Enable India who have expertise in corporate placements. we provide financial assistance to V.I. students for University Education. In this project, our foundation will be funding the first two years of the 3- year course and have included the cost for third year only in this project along with other skilling inputs for employability. We do not charge anything and the project of degree cum employability is entirely free for V.I. students.

It is expected that 17 months of such intensive skills training and specific inputs required for Bank recruitment exams along with the academic courses, the V.I. students would be well equipped to successfully complete the competitive exams, sail through the interview process smoothly and make them confident to deal with challenges posed in office environment. Ultimately, they would be able to support their families elevating their families.


We have given laptops to top 16 student-beneficiaries of our scholarship program and 14 laptops to 5 colleges for strengthening their resource centers so that more students will be able to access computers. We have also given around 150 plex talk (recording device) devices to the V I students thus offering a better reading environment and also accessible digital talking book players cum recorders that comply with the DAISY standard.


In 2008 we completed an 18, 000sq.ft.new school building for St. louis School for the blind in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.

The building provides classrooms, library, computer center and music room for 140 students, and hostel facilities for 90 students.

In 2012, we built a 20,000 sq. ft. building for IAB in Madurai, accommodating 150 students, with hostel facilities for 90 girls.

Apart from classrooms, the school has a large Braille library, computer center, music room and more.

We also assisted the school in their renovation of their old hostel building, which will now accommodate 180 students.

And in 2015, we constructed a 10,000sq.ft. building in Amalarakini School for blind, Pathiavaram, Susai Nagar TK Devikapuram, Arani Dist. Tamil Nadu.


EMET Program in progress in 14 college across 7 cities in 6 states

EMET Program in 14 colleges across 7 cities in 6 states


SDG Award for HTBF for activities in “Reduced Inequalities”

HTBF India received the award in a function held in Hong Kong from SDG world records.Seen in the Pic are Mr.Patel and Mr Thiru Nach .

THEIA’18 (5 th March 2018) – In Appreciation of Dedicated Service to the Differently Abled Students

Tamilnadu state award for Best Service awarded to HTBF

State award received by Trustee Mr J.V. Ramani

Impact Oriented Project Planning and Monitoring – Participation Certificate

  • 1. Ms.Mallika Ravi
  • 2. S.Narasimhan

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