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Today, one marvels at the sheer number of things that technology has made possible, starting from smartphones to the wonders of artificial intelligence! Technology and the expanding digital world have also come as a boon to the visually- impaired; it may come as a surprise to many that a visually-impaired person can be employed in over 180 job roles, all thanks to technology!

 EMET Program Image which has Keyboard orientation training, Employability session at Chennai and Mobility training

EMET Program Keyboard orientation training, Employability session at Chennai and Mobility training

Additionally, visually-impaired individuals can perform jobs across all clusters of careers, including marketing, human resources, business management, and administration, health science, law, agriculture, finance, and more. In the light of this, HTBF has helped facilitate the process of integrating the visually-impaired with the mainstream by using a special skills training program called the E-MET or the Education, Mobility, and Employability Training.
Conducted in select colleges across India, the EMET is aimed at making the visually-impaired employable. It is a 2-year program in skills-training conducted at select colleges and offers courses in:

• Computer usage
• English Communication
• Mobility
• Analytical ability
• Interpersonal relationships

The goal of the EMET program is to empower the visually-impaired by placing them in productive jobs to help achieve their financial independence and social inclusion. The EMET is presently conducted by 21 Trainers in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Indore, Pune and Varanasi for 500 students studying in 17 colleges.


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Feedback Received

Representatives of the World Bank visited the Mata Jijabai college and appreciated the EMET program implementation.

“I find the EMET classes very interesting. In fact, I like everything about the EMET. I can’t think of any suggestions on how to improve the same.” Fathima, Student, QMC, Chennai

“My dream and goal is to join the IAS or work for IT companies, and I feel that both the computer training as well as the English training I receive via the EMET will prove very useful in helping me achieve my goal and become successful.” Shreeharan, Student, Presidency College, Chennai.

“Speaking of the impact of the EMET program, some people who didn’t even touch computers learned much about computers. Most girls are from rural/interior regions and there’s a good improvement in both knowledge of Computers as well as English in 60-70% of the girls.” Bila, Professor, Indore.

“I dream of educating lakhs of visually impaired students in the future. The EMET, I’m confident, will help me achieve this goal.” Varalakshmi, Student, Government First Grade College, Vijayanagar, Bangalore.

“Today, more and more companies are coming forward to hire Persons with Disability. The challenge is to supply persons with disability who are job-ready, and this is where the significance of the EMET training comes in.” Moses Gorrepathi, Program Director, Enable India.

Meet our Visually Impaired trainers









Hyder Ali



Interview Skills – Training through Theater!

Chiranthana s Art Courtyard Productions, in association with Help the Blind Foundation trained students on ‘Interview Skills’, using theater as a medium. These are students with visual impairment and it has been such a humbling experience for us to be training them on soft skills and personality development. They have shot the videos themselves and are already putting their learning to use. Please subscribe, like and share

Visually impaired learn personality development through performing Arts (Article in Newzhook)

Media coverage in Newzhook on Personality Development through Performing Arts

Employability Training at Vijayanagar College, Bangalore

Employability Training at Vijayanagar College, Bangalore

Employability Training Program, Factory Visit by Coimbatore Students.

Employability Training Program, Factory Visit by Coimbatore Students.

Computer training at Vijayanagar College, Bangalore

Computer training at Vijayanagar College, Bangalore

Computer Training at Pune

Computer Training at Pune

Online training to student’s during Covid-19 lockdown.

Online training to the student’s during Covid-19 lockdown.

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